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The Virtual Traveling Sommelier


Throw a Virtual Wine Tasting with Our Traveling Sommeliers!

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, girls’ night out or a ‘we-made-it-to-the-weekend party’, we’ve got you covered. Virtual wine tastings make the perfect online celebration for wine lovers.The best part? No dress code required. Keep up social distancing while sampling great wines from around the world. 


How It Works

Begin by selecting a class topic from the options below:

  • Badass Wines – Wine grapes love a good struggle and thrive in challenging environments. Difficult growing conditions can lead to extraordinary wines. Don’t miss an opportunity to try these!
  • The Many Faces of a Single Varietal – Explore a specific grape varietal (ie – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah) and experience its different styles when grown in different wine regions from around the globe.
  • An Evening in A Wine Growing Region of Your Choice – Immerse yourself and explore a specific wine region (ie – Northern Italy, Southern Rhone, Willamette Valley) and discover the nuanced, terroir-driven wines of your travel destination.
  • The Best Wines You’ve Never Tried – Explore unique, ultra tasty “under-the-radar” wines, grape varietals and wine-growing regions that are waiting to be discovered!
  • Sommelier Selected Gems – Experience wines that a Sommelier would have on their shopping list. We consider these wines ‘best in their category’ in terms of representing terroir and varietal typicity. 


What You Get

Our sommeliers will select the wines for the chosen class and arrange local delivery of the wines. They will explain how this interactive class will be structured and will collaborate with you in tailoring it to your needs. The class will be taught by two certified sommeliers and conducted via Zoom on an agreed-to date and time.


The basic package is $525 for a 60-minute class which includes:

  • 5 wines @ $25/average bottle cost = $125
  • Sommelier fee – $400
  • Class tasting notes
  • $50 for each additional half hour
  • $100 deposit and a signed contract to reserve your date


This package can be modified as follows:

  • Increase the average cost of the wines or increase the number of wines tasted during the tasting.
  • Increase the number of Zoom seats (ie-households), which requires additional sets of class wines for each seat added.
  • This package includes local delivery only. UPS rates apply for non-local delivery of the wines.