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The Best Wines to Drink with Ina Garten's Famous Meatloaf (Recipe Included)

Fri, Dec 02, 22  |  recipe & wine pairing

When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing quite like having juicy, savory meatloaf and a glass of rich, soul-warming red wine for dinner. This yummy combo is on the minds of customers dropping by the store, as we have been asked several times over the past few weeks - What's a great wine to have with meatloaf?

One of the most delicious & famous meatloaf recipes is East Hampton's 1770 House's Meatloaf from Ina Garten's 'Barefoot Contessa Foolproof'. So our staff decided to conduct a little survey to see which wines WE would drink with this outstanding dish.

The Art of Matching Wines with Meatloaf!

When it comes to meatloaf and wine pairing, there were some clear winners. The consensus was to pair meatloaf with juicy, rich, spicy red wines.  Since this profile fits an array of wine types, our staff did some clarifying...

Lisa Schock, Certified Sommelier

What Wines would you pair with Meatloaf?
Cabernet Franc, or a Cabernet, Merlot, Cabernet Franc blend.

I feel that every grape in the blend brings something to the party. Cabernet is rich fruit and structure, Cabernet Franc adds a little earthy spice and the Merlot rounds it all out.  This combination kind of matches the flavors in the dish, which makes for highly satisfying sipping.  Cab Franc, with its rich dark, ripe fruit and black pepper nuance would also work nicely with the meatloaf.

Ambrose Havey, Allocated Wine Specialist

What Wines would you pair with Meatloaf?
Zinfandel and even better, Zinfandel Blends!

Due to the variety of meats and other ingredients used, you just can’t go wrong with Zinfandel.  Zinfandel is one of the most meat-friendly wines out there.  And no matter what the meat, whether beef or pork or sausage, Zinfandel will combine quite well.  

Chris Miller, Certified Advanced Sommelier 

What Wines would you pair with Meatloaf?
I would go with big, rustic reds.  I like the idea of Rhones – be that a basic Cotes du Rhone a Chateau Neuf du Pape. But I think my first choice would be a Croze Hermitage because it offers even more spice.

The rustic, spice and earth offered up by Rhones matches the flavors in a meatloaf. Also, the rich spice of Rhones can warm up a cold winter night. 

Harry Brigham & Tim Reylek, Industry Veterans

What Wines would you pair with Meatloaf?
We would give a Cotes du Rhone or a Montepulciano a try.

When we think of meatloaf, we think of meat, herbs and garlic.  When we think of meat, herbs and garlic, we think of the foods of Provence and Northern Italy where grapes and herbs bake in the summer sun.  So the perfect meatloaf and wine pairing? A wine that with rich, savory character. Many Cotes du Rhones are a combination of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mouvedre. The fruit in Grenache will highlight the savory aspects of the meat, Syrah is spicy like the garlic, Mouvedre/Cinsault is earthy and can be herbaceous – like the seasoned meat. All these grapes kind of match the taste profile or provide contrast to highlight flavors. A Montepulciano has nice fruit and soft tannins, which I think would offer a simple way to complement the meal.

Many of the varietals mentioned are available at a wide variety of price points and we've selected a few below for you. With such a breadth of tasty wines to choose from, which meatloaf and wine pairing will you choose? 

The Recipe - From Ina Garten for The 1770 House

  • Please click HERE to go to the Barefoot Contessa website and view the famous recipe.

Staff Pick Wines for Ina's Meatloaf!

By Timothy Reylek