About Park Place Wines & Liquors in East Hampton, NY 11937

At Park Place Wines & Liquors we strive to delight our customers by offering  both a broad and curated selection, friendly service and plenty of great values. The business has been owned by the same local family since 1969. Our longevity has enabled us to build a team that is not only passionate about wine and spirits, but understands the diverse needs and lifestyles of the community we serve.


Lisa Schock

Lisa, a Advanced Certified Sommelier, joined Park Place in 2013. Her career has taken her through the world of terrestrial and online wine retailers in New York City, including Chelsea Wine Vault and Italian Wine Merchants, where she cultivated a keen interest in wine, spirits and wine education. Lisa’s talent for taste extends to the world of food and writing. Her specialties are introducing the enticing aspects of wines and recommending delectable pairings.


Currently enjoying:


Occhipinti SP68 Nero e Frappato
Willi Schaefer Graacher Domprobst Riesling Auslese


Chris Miller

Chris Miller is an Advanced Sommelier (and candidate for Master Sommelier) who has a depth of experience that includes Director of Wine Education at Sherry Lehmann as well as Sommelier for the 21 Club. Chris’s nickname is the “wine sourcerer” because he excels in curating fantastic, under-the-radar value wines (often with extraordinary pedigree).  Chris also understands events – from estimating quantities, to selecting the best products and expertly pairing wines with foods. Chris is drawn to the history captured in a bottle of wine and enthralls people with his story-telling, making learning about wine a joy.


Currently enjoying:
Magic Door Napa Cabernet
Pierre Peters Rose Champagne


Ambrose Havey

With over 13 years of experience in the wine and spirits industry as well as technology, Ambrose adds unique dimension to Park Place – with a big smile.  Ambrose has a penchant for finding interesting boutique wines. His specialties are unearthing gems that taste much bigger than their price tag and hand-picking Burgundies and Champagnes from small producers.  In addition to sharing his knowledge with customers, Ambrose runs our online sales and shipping.


Currently enjoying:
Domaine Jolly et Fils Chablis Fourchame
Ladd Cellars Anderson Valley Pinot Noir


Harry Brigham

Harry’s 15+ years in bar and restaurant management make him a perfect fit for overseeing our product procurement process.  His stint at Williams Sonoma enhanced his customer service skills, merchandising talent and knowledge of everything bar and cocktail related.  Harry will also focus on enhancing our accessory offering as well as educating all of us on the art and science of cocktail-making. His unique creative talent for concocting delicious, inventive cocktails adds a new element of interest in our store service and education.  Stay tuned for some cool new cocktail paraphernalia and recipes!


Currently enjoying:
Don Papa rum toddy
Occams Razor Washington Red Blend


Tim Reylek
Tim’s interest in wine, spirits and food pairings is 20-years in the making. A restaurant and service industry veteran, Tim has deep experience in managing bars and wine lists, most recently at Ram’s Head Inn. He adores making movies, analyzing data and all-things-vegan. At Park Place, Tim will help manage operations and take the lead as our video media and database specialist. Tim has seamlessly folded into the Park Place Crew, rapidly picking up knowledge and creating new services, including specialty vegan food and wine pairings.


Currently enjoying:
Usquaebach Old Rare Flag Scotch
Yamazaki Japanese Whiskey


Christie Tagliavia
Christie, a certified sommelier, comes from the world of winery sales and management for Jamesport and Shinn Vineyards. Christie’s passion for wine and community building makes her a natural at social media and outreach. She has developed partnerships with local businesses to produce unique, entertaining learning experiences for residents and has turned our store’s tasting table into a center for education and connecting. Christie is always coming up with ideas and we look forward to what is next.


Currently enjoying:
Macari Cabernet Franc
La Braccesca Vino Noble di Montepulciano


Christianne Pang
Christianne has been a fine wine consultant to Park Place since 2013. A member of the Chevaliers du Tastevin, she lives in San Francisco and has a passion for Burgundian wines and French food. An accomplished cook, Christianne travels the Bay Area as well as the world curating and sharing the best of the best; be that a rare wine, a fantastic find or a new way to prepare eggs. Christianne also has an MBA from Stanford.


Currently enjoying:
Nusserhof Elda (Schiava)
Suavia Soave Classico Monte Carbonare
Champagne Coquillette Carte d’Or NV


Tom and Donna McDonald
In 2009, Tom and Donna paired up to continue the family business started by their father in 1969. Tom lives in East Hampton, and when he is not fishing, can be found doing what it takes to make the business hum. Donna is drawn to creating products, services and experiences that delight -and even inspire. She enjoys bringing her interests to life at Park Place. Donna lives in San Francisco and East Hampton. She has an MBA from Columbia.


Most surprising realization about Park Place:
Running a wine and spirits business with your sibling is fun